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TV Channels Wherever You May Be

If you  tv channel regularly like me, you must have experienced that time when all the local channels are featuring shows that are not just your type or some re-runs that you may have already ed a dozen times over. This usually ends up spoiling our current craving for entertainment, but now we no longer have to bear with it because there are a handful of websites that gives us access to  tv channel show from channels in and out the country.

So nowadays, we could stay clear of such hassles when we want to  tv channel, simply by having a decent Internet connection. Equipped with one, your computer has just taken on a new role in its entertainment capabilities, by making it possible for you to  tv channel show online.

Living the dream in Paris

You’re free do something really different with your life. Don’t lose your get-up-and-go.” My daughter was taking me in hand, because, at the age of 60, I’d just ended a relationship with a musician who’d turned out to be more prodigal son than partner.

Anne, my visiting British friend, chimed in: “What happened to your Paris dream? We British do it all the time.”

An ad on the internet – “My London for your Paris. Wanted: a month-long flat swap” – brought a response from Chloe, a photographer commissioned to document London life. She moved in with a promise to water my plants; I would look after her cat, Joe.


DARPA looking to develop iPhone and Android apps

imageSure, in the past we’ve got a hearty chuckle out of initiatives that involved Redfly terminals and Clippy variants, but the question remains: how can we get cutting-edge tech into the hands of soldiers faster? We’ve recently come across some RFIs for DARPA projects aimed at developing apps and an App Store for Android and the iPhone OS, with two in particular — Mobile Apps for the Military (DARPA-SN-10-27), and Transformative Apps (DARPA-BAA-10-41) — catching our eye. The agency is calling for apps for battlefield, humanitarian, and disaster recovery missions, including command and control, mission planning, surveillance, reconnaissance, and language translation. Of course, if you start taking commercial smartphones out to the field there’s the small matter of network coverage


Toshiba is dropping out of Fujitsu

imageFujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications has only been in existence as Japan’s number two mobile company (behind Sharp) for a short time, but it appears even a decent earnings report wasn’t enough for Toshiba to stay in the business. While the joint venture prepares to release the au IS12T WP7 handset running Mango Fujitsu, Fujitsu is preparing to buy out Toshiba’s 19.9 percent stake and take sole ownership in 2012. Toshiba may not be the only Japanese tech giant taking a step back, as Hitachi is considering following Pioneer and exiting the TV biz stage left.


Groupme 3.0 goes international and cross-platform

imageGroupme, the little group messaging service that made a bit of a splash at Google I/O, turns 3.0 today. There are some shiny new features on board, including a simpler way to exchange private messages and “Questions” for sparking conversations when you’re not sure who to talk to. But, the big news — Groupme 3.0 is now platform and nation agnostic. With the latest update, the service will be available in 90 countries and add Windows Phone 7 to its list of supported OSes, alongside iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. Even if you’re sitting in front of your desktop you can still take part in the mass messaging fun.


Anonymous To Build Its Own Social Network Called AnonPlus

imageHacker collective Anonymous is preparing to launch its own social network called AnonPlus. The move comes after Google banned Anonymous’s Google+ account called “Your Anon News” due to a violation of its community standards.

Details about the project are scarce. Currently, is merely a splash page, containing a message that explains the group’s motives behind the project. “Welcome to the Revolution,” it says, “a new social network where there is no fear…of censorship…of blackout…nor of holding back”.


Google+ To Challenge Facebook for Game Developers With Lower Fees [REPORT]

imageAlready using Google+? Follow Mashable’s Pete Cashmore for the latest about the platform’s new features, tips and tricks as well as social media and technology updates.

If the 10 million users that still-invite-only Google+ accumulated in just two weeks weren’t enough to make Facebook nervous, the latest report about the new social network’s gaming platform might. Google will take a smaller percentage of revenue away from game developers than Facebook does, reports All Things D.

Google reportedly will also, unlike Facebook, host games on its own servers — which could make them faster and less buggy.


Rumblefish Launches API To Help Developers Add Licensed Music

imageMusic licensing company Rumblefish has just made it easier for professional and amateur content creators to add music to their work legally by opening its API to developers and partners.

Rumblefish announced Tuesday that it has licensed 4 million songs in user-generated videos, slideshows, presentations and games.

Now, for example, an app that allows users to make home movies and post them to social networks can also give folks the option to license music for the videos for a fee. Users can browse playlists, receive soundtrack recommendations and search for and filter music via attributes (mood, instrument, tempo, etc.).


Meet the 6 Imaginative Evernote Apps Competing for $100,000 in Prizes

imageDevelopers have already flocked to Evernote’s note-taking platform in droves to provide its 11 million members with additional utility. Now, six new application makers will vie for the crown of most inventive Evernote application or integration and compete for $100,000 in prizes.

The six finalists, being revealed Tuesday, are Colorstache, MyWorld, Notablemeals, Sniptastic, Touchanote and Zendone. Community members are being encouraged to vote for their favorites.

The finalists range from the practical to the fantastical. Zendone and Colorstache are more sensible in nature, for instance. Zendone focuses on applying a “Getting Things Done” methodology to notes, while Colorstache lets Evernote users browse and search for notes by Color.


Google Triples the Speed of the +1 Button

imageThe +1 button is about to get a whole lot faster, thanks to an update Google rolled out on Tuesday.

“We’ve begun to roll out out a set of changes that will make the button render up to 3x faster on your site,” software engineer David Byttow said in a blog post. “No action is required on your part, so just sit back, relax, and watch as the button loads more quickly than before.”

In addition to the speed boost, Google also introduced new code that speeds up the +1 button via an asynchronous code snippet.


Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool


Adobe released a public preview of Adobe Edge, its new web motion and interaction design tool, on Monday.

Edge enables users to create animated content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript — not Flash. It’s the first professional-grade HTML5 editing tool on the market and is currently available for free, as the company is looking for feedback from developers.

Interestingly enough, Adobe Edge shares the name with Adobe’s free newsletter, which is bound to create some confusion among users.


Scripting Wife comments on 2011 Scripting Games event 10

imageWow! I am finally home. I uploaded beginner event 10 for the 2011 Scripting Games, and now I will tell you my impressions. I will admit I am exhausted. The Scripting Guy and I were at the PowerShell Deep Dive in Las Vegas for the last several days, and it was really cool. But it was nearly too much fun. Every night we were up until the wee hours of the morning talking about Windows PowerShell with various Microsoft MVP’s, or members of the PowerShell team, or one of the 50 or so other delegates who attended this awesome conference.

I felt completely out of place – for about a minute – it took that long before I was invited to join in. Our conference began the night before when about a dozen of us sat around a giant fire on the outside patio of the hotel. The amazing thing is that I looked around and I knew everyone there.


Use PowerShell to Make Mandatory Parameters

imageMicrosoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. I will admit that yesterday I talked about the easiest default to handle—the case of defaulting to the local computer. Not everything is so easy, nor is everything so cut-and-dry. For example, consider a function that returns users from Active Directory…In a very small environment it may be perfectly fine to return all of the users from the forest by default. In a company the size of Microsoft, such an approach would not be appreciated.

In other cases, performance is not the issue; but rather, the wide range of potential input values makes having a default value useless. For whatever reason, if a default value cannot be assigned, the solution is to make the default parameter mandatory.


What I Learned at TechEd 2011 in Atlanta


2011 Windows PowerShell Scripting Games Beginner winner, Daniel Cruz, writes about his experience at TechEd in Atlanta.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, here. One of the highlights of TechEd 2011 in Atlanta was getting to know lots of really cool people. Daniel Cruz was the winner of the TechEd pass in the Scripting Games Beginner division. When Daniel was not doing a lab or attending a session, he stopped by the Scripting Guys booth to hang out and to talk to people as they came by the booth. It turned out that the Scripting Guys booth was a great place to hang out and to meet new people. Here is a picture of the Scripting Wife, Daniel, and me while we were hanging out at the booth.


Do You Know How To Secure Your Smartphone From Malware Attacks?

imageA regional director of online security experts Norton gave the latest warning that consumers must, “basically start to take security seriously on their smartphones and on tablets“. Mallon admitted that the threat was small in “absolute numbers”.
About 163 mobile vulnerabilities have uncovered in the past year. Compare that to 6,500 reported violations of Microsoft’s Windows system and Apple’s iOS.

Still, he persevered, smartphone security threats are on the up and up and homeworkers should consider themselves particularly vulnerable. But the biggest threat for, by definition, highly portable smartphones is still just being lost or stolen by opportunistic thieves from a pocket or open bag.


The Taiwanese smartphone vendor HTC

imageimageThis brilliant master piece comes from the Taiwanese smartphone vendor HTC and runs on Android Gingerbread (2.3), has the newest version of HTC Sense with dual-pane windows which works well with videos and email. However, this is a single-core tablet in this dual-core world and that could be considered as a setback if you want to ignore its awesome capabilities.

Featuring Android 2.3, 1.5GHz single-core Snapdragon, 1GB RAM, 32GB memory, 7-inch capacitive LCD at 1024×600, 5MP camera, 3MP front-facing camera, phone-call-friendly 3G, 415g, HTC Flyer actually manages to fly high and can very well the best tablet choice for HTC fans. Did we also mention that it comes with 3D widgets making its entertainment quotient even higher?


Best Tablet PCs Available In Market Today


Ever since Apple launched their superbly brilliant tablet PC — iPad , the world got its first real taste of tablets — and, what some might say, is an excellent summation of the breadth of quality future tablets would offer. In case, you are clueless as to what a tablet PC is — tablets are basically lightweight toned-down versions of laptops  in every sense — they weigh less, and they’re lighter on features.

In other words you can think tablets as enhanced versions of modern day smartphones. The advantage they offer over laptops is an easy way to check e-mail, browse the Web, consume media, and play games — just like a smartphone, but with a far larger screen and more powerful hardware and features.


Researh Shows Internet Explorer Users To Have Lower IQ


The results showed that users of Internet Explorer 6 have average IQ by 80 points, while those who prefer Firefox and Google Chrome average gained 100 points in tests.  But those who opt for Opera and Camino have the highest score, with an average of 120 points.

Another conclusion of the research is the fact that those who used IE6 in 2006 had a higher IQ than the current Internet Explorer users of the program. In addition, the score increases as the version of Microsoft’s browser is refreshed.


NASA Explorer Visualization: Free iPad App To Explore Earth


imageNASA has released a free iPad App, that allows its users to better understand various phenomena that occur on Earth through satellite information from the organization, the NASA Explorer Visualization.  The new displays video, images and stories that explain, for example, as climate change happens from the point of view of satellites.

The aim of the launch of the NASA Explorer Visualization, according to the sites Engadget and CNET, is to get information to more people, make them learn more about the planet we live and understand its history.


Some Ideas On Creating A Facebook Application

You may wonder how to produce a popular Facebook application. Every inventor wonders how to sell the product he or she has invented. Before you invent the product, it is important to know that there is an audience for it. Once you have identified your audience and their needs, you will find designing easy. In this article you will find suggestions on creating a Facebook application, social media tips.

When you are coming up with ideas for your project, you need to have your audience in mind. The audience for Facebook includes users that are young to middle aged. This website is popular as it enhances the user ability to socialize and engage with friends. Popular applications meet this need. Socialization is the key to the products success.